Course Information & Requirements

The Family Justice Clinic enrolls eight (8) students per semester. The clinic is available in the fall and spring semesters to 2L and 3L students. 1L students are not eligible to participate in the application process until the spring semester of their 1L year.

The Family Justice Clinic is a single-semester-enrollment clinic. Students may apply to enroll in a second semester with the Clinic either immediately following their first semester with the Clinic or at a later time in their law school careers. Placement preference is given to students applying for a second semester. Students may not enroll in more than one clinical program per semester without prior faculty/director approval.

Students enroll for four (4), five (5) or six (6) hours of credit per semester. Earning four (4) hours of credit requires ten (10) on-site office hours per week in addition to the seminar classroom time. Earning five (5) hours of credit requires fifteen (15) on-site hours and earning six (6) hours of credit requires twenty (20) hours of on-site work per week in addition to classroom time. Half of the credit hours earned receive a letter grade, and half of the hours earned are “pass/fail.”

Clinic students are required to attend a two-hour weekly classroom seminar in addition to their clinic office hours. Readings and other assignments are required for the seminar. Reading materials may include caselaw, scholarly writings, news articles, and novels. Assignments will include two written journal submissions, periodic small presentations to the class, a final written submission, and other assignments in the professor’s discretion. There is no exam.

Students will learn the laws and the skills necessary to provide trauma-informed, victim- centered representation in Superior Court protective order cases to survivors of domestic violence and stalking. Students who are certified under the Student Practice Act can expect to appear in Superior Court several times during the semester. Students are also responsible for screening callers for representation eligibility, preparing case files, and providing competent, professional legal advice to clients.

How to Apply

Law School clinics that require applications participate in a unified clinic application process. All students will receive information each semester with important steps and application due dates. The application process typically begins about halfway through each semester and is completed before the points allocation process for doctrinal class enrollment. Students may be interviewed at the Director’s discretion and may be placed on a waiting list if the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places.

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